Recommended Reads: Hot + Plot

Erotic romance books run the gamut from well-developed stories with one or two explicit sex scenes, to a series of sexual situations tied together by a weak plot and paper-thin characters. I prefer a balance between sex and story. Here are some novels I recommend:

Dear Addi by Regina Cole

Addison Laine and Jackson Poole are on opposite sides of a lawsuit, but neither can fight the attraction between them. The sometimes kinky sex will curl your toes, but what I loved about this book was the darling romance and uplifting ending.

Forbidden Fantasies by Jodie Griffin

Jessica Meyers is still in love with Alex, her husband of 15 years. She longs to tell him about her bondage fantasies, but she’s afraid he’ll think she’s a freak. Alex can tell she’s keeping secrets. He wonders if she’s cheating. To save her marriage, Jessica has to confess all, and the consequences are scorching.

Show Me the Ropes by Roz Lee

Fallon Enright is powerfully attracted to her boss, cruise ship owner Richard Wolfe. But she won’t risk her job to become one of his playthings. When she decides her work for him is done, he convinces her to spend a week with him indulging in their fantasies. His promises of fidelity, and the decadent pleasure he gives her, work together to tempt Fallon’s wary heart.

Though their stories are quite different, these books all contain well-drawn characters that the reader comes to care about. The result is a steamy story with an emotionally satisfying ending.

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