Christmas Love: “My True Love Gave to Me” by Ava March

Oxford ArchitectureIf you’re looking for a hot Christmas-themed gay romance novella to read this holiday season (and who isn’t?), then My True Love Gave to Me by Ava March is an excellent choice. In this prequel to her Brook Street trilogy, we meet Alexander Norton and Thomas Bennet, two nineteen-year-old Oxford students in Regency England discovering their sexuality and experiencing their first love.

But in Regency England, homosexuality can get you hanged. While Norton has accepted his preference for men, Bennett is struggling to come to terms with it. In her expert manner, March conveys the desire and heartbreak, the love and the fear that the two young men experience, their forbidden attraction testing them to their limits. A compelling read, it will leave you happy and wanting more.

Fortunately, there is more: the three Brook Street novellas, each one better than the last. If you enjoy reading erotic M/M Regency romance, then the vibrant world March creates is one you’ll want to visit—and stay in a while.

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