Writing Erotic Romance from a Progressive Christian Perspective

birds and beesI’m a big fan of Bookbub and how they introduce readers to new authors. The user-friendly emails contain the information I need to make a good purchasing decision (price, genre, star-rating, retailers, etc.). I’ve tried signing up for other services but so far haven’t found anything that compares.

I came across one service that won’t promote novels containing explicit sex. Now, I can understand not wanting to include erotica in their offerings. But no sex at all—even if it isn’t dramatized?

Sex is a completely normal and natural part of the human experience. At its most basic, it’s necessary for the survival of the species. So why do people insist on demonizing it?

Lust isn’t a sin any more than hunger or thirst, or the urge to take a sweet breath of air when you rise from swimming underwater.

Sin isn’t about desire—it’s about behavior.

I’m a happily married woman. If reading a sexy novel puts me in the mood for some quality time with my husband, that’s a good thing. It strengthens our marriage and makes us happy. So yay, sexy novels!

The notion that sex is sinful has been used as a weapon of repression for too long. My stories celebrate sexuality. I write them within the framework of my progressive Christian faith, which means you won’t find the following in my novels:

  • casual sex / hookups
  • menage
  • infidelity
  • voyeurism
  • exhibitionism
  • underage sex
  • taking God’s name in vain
  • divorce
  • revenge
  • judging your neighbor (at least, not by the main characters)
  • gambling
  • watching or participating in porn or other paid sex
  • using illicit drugs

This leaves room for plenty of hot, kinky sex between couples who are falling in love while being imperfect.

Notice that profanity isn’t on this list. I’m 100% sure the Bible doesn’t say “Thou shalt not use the f-word,” as the f-word wasn’t invented until a thousand years after the Bible was written. Profanity has its place, and an erotic romance novel is one of those places.

Bible verses can be taken out of context and twisted to support whatever theology a person wants to believe. I rely on the teaching of Jesus Christ to guide me. He taught love, tolerance, forgiveness, fidelity, and humility. My characters, at their core, embody those values.

Erotic romance novels, like all romance novels, promote committed sexual relationships—which are good for the body, heart, and soul. They’re a love trifecta. And I don’t see what could be wrong with that.

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