Cover Reveal: Family Time Anthology

Just in time for Father’s Day, the Family Time anthology from  Torquere Press releases on June 17!

familytimeanthology 700 x 1050

These twelve stories range from first-time parents, to a couple still trying to conceive, to a ready-made family hoping to make it official, to parents just trying to get from one day to the next.

But it can’t all be about the kids. Especially when the kid to parent ratio favors the kids. You might have to sneak out of your own house. Or remind your spouse what grown-ups can do when the kids are away.

From veteran and new authors, these families contain several M/M couples, an F/F couple, and an asexual mom who has some explaining to do to her genderfluid teen.

My story, “What a Man Needs,” is a multicultural gay erotic romance. Nick Torino is a heartbroken single father of a three-year-old. Far from his family, he’s struggling to build a new life for himself and his son. A chance encounter with a coworker, Ajay Vinimesh, awakens old desires. Lost in grief, Nick isn’t ready for a new relationship, but he can’t resist his attraction to Ajay. Giving in could open his heart to love again—or destroy their friendship.

In honor of Pride Month, Torquere is offering a coupon for 25% off Family Time and the entire site. Use coupon code “PRIDE2015” throughout the month of June.

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