New Release: Commanding the Billionaire

Female Domination Romance Novella

Available with Kindle Unlimited

Book cover for Commanding the BillionaireIt takes a strong man to surrender to a dominant woman.

Bernadette Holt needs a sub who can handle a good spanking. At her five-year high school reunion, Max Martinov seems eager to be treated as her personal slave. The dweeb who once followed her like a puppy has grown into a successful entrepreneur and a sculpted hunk of man muscle. She doesn’t do love, but his humble adoration could strip her to her core.

Max’s genius has made him CEO of a billion-dollar tech company. Outside work, he wants someone else in charge. His power holds no sway with Bernadette—she wants him on his knees. He’ll have to push past his limits, endure every humiliation, to penetrate her steely exterior and find her heart.

Commanding the Billionaire, a steamy BDSM romance, is Book 4 of the Ache of Desire series.

This novella is for a mature audience. It contains scenes of pain and gentleness, sweet kisses, sensation toys, a well-equipped dungeon, a bossy Domme, and a confident sub who sometimes gets too toppy.



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