How to Avoid Sexual Assault on College Campuses

A young man and woman on a college campusJune is the time when we celebrate graduating high school seniors and mark their transition from childhood into adulthood. It’s also a good time for parents to educate young people who are starting college in the fall about the realities of campus life.

Unfortunately, according to CNN, 23% of women report being sexually assaulted in college. So what can parents tell their kids to help them avoid rape? Here are some suggestions.

  • If a woman looks at you and smiles, she might be interested in you, or maybe she’s just being polite. Don’t rape her; invite her for a cup of coffee.
  • If a woman turns you down when you ask her out, maybe she’s seeing someone else, or maybe she’s just not into you. Don’t rape her; get over it and move on.
  • If a woman wears a sexy outfit, it means she’s feeling confident or simply likes the way it looks. Don’t rape her; tell her how pretty she is.
  • If a woman seems to enjoy dancing with you, it may mean that she’s interested in you, or likes to dance, or both. Don’t rape her; tell her what a good dancer she is.
  • If a woman at a party agrees to go to your dorm room, maybe she’s considering a physical relationship, or maybe she’s just hoping for a quiet place to talk. Don’t rape her; talk to her, show interest, and pay attention to her reactions.
  • If you’re kissing a woman and she pulls away, maybe she’s having second thoughts, or maybe she’s composing her feelings and considering next steps. Don’t rape her; talk to her and respect her decisions.
  • If a woman consents to sex and later says no, she’s withdrawing her consent. Don’t rape her; stop what you’re doing and tell her it’s okay.
  • If a woman consents to sex and then passes out, she is incapacitated and her consent is nullified. Don’t rape her; get help to make sure she’s okay.
  • If a woman is intoxicated, she cannot give consent. Don’t rape her; help her find a female friend or call campus security.
  • If a woman is unconscious, she needs help and cannot give consent. Don’t rape her; call security and stay with her until they arrive.

If you’re unsure whether a woman has consented, then she has not consented. There are no blurred lines. When a woman gives consent, she does so openly and willingly. If it’s not open and willing, it’s not consent.Yes means yes. Anything else means no.

So to avoid rape on campus, remember these two words: don’t rape. It’s that simple. Just don’t rape.

Image Copyright: samotrebizan / 123RF Stock Photo

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