Loving Jordan: The Complete M/M Romance Trilogy

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A painful longing…

Jordan knows his crush on Rick is hopeless. His football teammate and lifelong friend is straight. Now that they’re heading off to college in separate states, maybe Jordan can finally find a man who’ll return his feelings. He doesn’t know Rick’s secret: every time he’s with a girl, all he can think about is Jordan.

A shattering encounter…

Two weeks before they start their freshman year, the pair spend the weekend in a mountain cabin with a king-sized bed. Years of simmering desire hit the flash point, and Jordan can’t help falling in love with his best friend.

But Rick struggles to accept the truth. He’s afraid of his parents’ disappointment, and as time passes, he only retreats deeper into the closet.

A wrenching choice…

Jordan can’t stop loving Rick, but he won’t live a lie. His ultimatum—come out, or we’re through—traps Rick between his all-American golden-boy image and the man who could be his everything. Will he risk it all to win Jordan’s love?

This steamy gay romance trilogy is for a mature audience. It has an HEA and no cliffhanger.


Winning Jordan

Gay Romance Novella

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Love is one thing, but coming out? That could ruin it all.

Rick Ferguson is torn in two, happier than he’s ever been, and more miserable. He’s moved in with his lover, Jordan Callahan, and it’s all he dreamed it would be. But Rick’s buried in the closet, and his mom still tries to fix him up with every single woman she can find. The longer Rick lives the lie, the more he’ll hurt his family when the truth comes out.

Jordan’s sure Rick is being paranoid. Is being gay really such a problem these days? What kind of family would turn against their own son for love? But when the truth emerges it sends a shockwave through both their families, and Rick backs Jordan into a corner to try and rescue their lives from the tatters.

As the deception grows, Jordan will have to risk the love he’s always wanted to keep Rick from widening the chasm with his family, before Rick makes a mistake he’ll regret for the rest of his life.

Winning Jordan, a steamy gay romance, is Book 3 in the Loving Jordan series. This novella is for a mature audience. It has a happily-ever-after ending and no cliffhanger.


Tempting Jordan

They can’t forget how perfect they were together. But a second chance at love comes with a price.

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Promising young architect Jordan Callahan has caught another boyfriend cheating. The last thing he needs is to meet up with old flame Rick at their five-year high school reunion. Tall, dark, and athletic, Rick may be self-absorbed, but he’s been Jordan’s dream guy since sophomore year. He’s also closeted, and if Jordan gives in to the temptation of Rick’s kisses, his lost love could become one more man who breaks his heart.

Rick Ferguson is a consummate salesman who’s spent his life living up to other people’s expectations. The former homecoming king has found success in his career, but the other half of the equation—settling down with a nice girl—isn’t in his future. He’s tried dating women, but he wants Jordan—his best friend and the only person who understands him. That means coming out, disappointing his family and inviting ridicule from friends. His small-town golden boy reputation will be shattered if he follows his heart to the only love he’s ever wanted.

This steamy gay romance novella is for a mature audience. It contains flirtation, secret trysts, fresh hotel sheets, self-delusion, angst, and long, passionate kisses.

Tempting Jordan is Book 2 in Rick and Jordan’s story. If you read Seducing Jordan, you won’t want to miss what’s next for these two!

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Seducing Jordan

Steamy straight-to-bi M/M romance!

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A weekend fling to satisfy their fantasies could destroy their friendship.

Princeton-bound Jordan Callahan is sick of lusting for Rick—his straight best friend and former captain of the football team. He can’t wait for college, so he can find a man to drive away his pointless crush.

Rick Ferguson can’t escape his strange obsession. For months, whenever he’s been with a woman, all he can think about is Jordan. Satisfying his curiosity is the only way to get his tall, muscular friend out of his system. Right?

On a camping trip just weeks before the semester starts, Rick takes Jordan to a one-bedroom cabin with a king-sized bed big enough for two all-stars to share. But Rick doesn’t want forever, and Jordan is in love. Giving in to desire could jeopardize their friendship, and the ugliness of the world beyond their cabin could tear them apart.

This steamy gay romance novella is for a mature audience. It contains scenes of groping, fumbling, wet kisses, angst, shirtless volleyball, grown-up toys, and two-man showers.

Want a sneak peek? Here’s the opening scene!

Jordan Callahan braced against the dashboard, the SUV lurching as Rick Ferguson pulled hard on the steering wheel to navigate around the hairpin curve. His heart slammed into his ribcage and beat double.

His frantic breathing steadied as Rick regained control. “Slow down, shithead.”


Typical Rick, pushing the boundaries until they pushed back. Maybe it hadn’t been a big risk when they were playing on the monkey bars in first grade. These mountain roads were less forgiving.

Rick’s silence and the tightness at the corners of his mouth showed his consternation. Jordan chewed his lip to keep from smiling. He couldn’t stay angry when Rick knew he’d screwed up.

He clenched his fist to hold back the urge to clutch his friend’s hand. The longing washed over him to stroke the tension from Rick’s body, fingers exploring the arcs and angles of solid muscle. He leaned forward, forearms on his thighs to hide the rising bulge in his crotch.

A lump gathered in his throat. Would this be the last weekend he and Rick spent together? College started in two weeks—new places, new people, new priorities. What would happen to their childhood friendship now that they’d grown into adults?

He sat back and gazed over the rolling Pocono Mountains. Green slopes rose above the haze cloaking the valley in the August afternoon. The SUV’s motor chattered, climbing toward the campground. Not like they’d be roughing it—Rick had rented a nice place, he said, for this last trip together before they left for campuses in different states.

The truck pulled into the driveway in front of the cabin, grinding gravel under tires. The cedar siding made the A-frame look like part of the landscape, bushy conifers softening its lines.

He hopped out of the SUV. From the ridge, the campground sprawled below them: tennis courts, hiking trails, a lake for kayaking. Plenty of activities to distract him from the decadent things he wanted to do to Rick’s body. Right?

Rick came and stood by him, patting his back. The warm sensation sent shivers through him.

“What do you think of the view?” Rick asked.


He wasn’t talking just about the scenery. He pretended not to notice the shine in Rick’s brown eyes, or the way the breeze tousled his wavy dark hair. A smile brought Rick’s face to life. He burned to kiss that mouth, to nibble the cleft of his chin.

“Cyn doesn’t mind you going away this weekend?” Jordan asked. Cynthia Darlington, the most popular girl in school, had been Rick’s girlfriend for three years.

“Cyn and I aren’t a couple anymore. I mean, we’re still sort of dating, but we agreed to see other people.”

“And that includes me?”

Rick’s cheeks flushed crimson. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

Of course he didn’t. What a fucking stupid thing to say.

“Just kidding.”

Smiling, Rick punched his arm, and Jordan pushed him away. The awkward moment passed. Jordan would have to control himself better this weekend. If he said out loud the things he felt, he could lose Rick forever.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from Seducing Jordan. Pick up your copy today!


How My Mother Set Me Free (or, Why A Christian Woman Writes Erotic Romance)

I grew up in a Christian household. I remember being two or three years old, sitting in a Sunday School classroom and singing “Jesus Loves Me” at the top of my lungs, the way all children that age sing. Uninhibited. Joyful.

My Christian faith remains the cornerstone of my life. Yet here I am, writing erotic romance. How the heck does something like that happen?

My mother is how that happened.

When I was in second grade, I didn’t believe in dinosaurs. Sure, I went to the museums that had the giant, reconstructed dinosaur fossil skeletons. But I didn’t believe they existed, despite what I saw.

By the time I was in third grade, the cognitive dissonance got to me. I was no longer willing to disbelieve the evidence of my own eyes. I asked my mother how dinosaurs could have existed millions of years before humans, if God created humans on the sixth day of creation. And she said, “The Bible says the earth was created in six days, but it doesn’t say how long a day was.”

Suddenly, it all made sense. Maybe the Bible was told in parables, like the parables that Jesus told. Maybe we weren’t supposed to read those stories as literal truth. In that moment, my life changed. My concept of God changed. He was much, much bigger.

God was the Creator of dinosaurs, of millions of years of history, of a single point of light that in a fraction of a second grew into a universe. How much more impressive is that than snapping your fingers and saying “Giraffe,” and a giraffe appears? God’s act of creation took planning. Billions of years of it. Awesome.

When I was ten years old, I decided to read the King James Bible all the way through. I got as far as the end of Genesis, which I think is pretty impressive for a fifth grader. About halfway through Genesis, I came across something that astonished me, then made me sort of mad.

And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac. But unto the sons of the concubines, which Abraham had, Abraham gave gifts, and sent them away from Isaac his son. — Genesis 25: 5–6a

Abraham had concubines? The father of many nations, beloved of God?

Now, even at the tender age of ten, I knew a little about sex. I knew that tab A went into slot B (although no one had bothered to mention orgasms to me, so I spent three years wondering how the heck you knew it was over, until an article in Cosmo set me straight). I also knew that sex was only supposed to happen between a husband and a wife. One husband, one wife. Not a rich man and a bunch of concubines.

Yet there it was in the Bible. Abraham had concubines, and God didn’t seem to mind too much.

Now, I didn’t deduce from this Bible passage that whoring around would be a perfectly acceptable lifestyle choice for me. I believed then, and believe now, that the appropriate context for a sexual relationship is a mutually committed monogamous relationship like marriage. Jesus Christ defended marriage and opposed divorce. But he stopped the stoning of an adulterous woman, telling her, “Go, and sin no more.”

Jesus didn’t decry sexual incontinence the way he did the hypocrisy of the Pharisees or the arrogance of the wealthy. The values that Jesus taught were love, tolerance, forgiveness, and humility. Those were the values that shaped my moral development during my tween and early teen years.

When I was fifteen, my mother jokingly said to my father about my younger sister and me, “Why don’t we put the girls on the Pill and let them have some fun?” Then she laughed and laughed. I looked at her in shock. I had no desire to go on the Pill and have some fun, because I still thought that waiting for marriage was the right thing to do (although I was seriously starting to doubt I’d make it that long).

Yet the fact that she was able to joke about her teenage daughters becoming sexually active eased my inhibitions about sexuality. I’m not saying those inhibitions were a bad thing. When I was fifteen, they were a very good thing. They kept me a virgin until I reached adulthood, and I’m glad about that. But my mother also said (seriously, this time) that she thought it was better to have sex before you got married than to get married for sex. And I have to say, I agree.

I believe in the sanctity of marriage. I believe that divorce is adultery, just as Jesus taught. All the more reason to choose the right person, and marry at the right time.

Celibacy is wonderful in theory, but humans aren’t wired that way. The anthropologist Desmond Morris calls humans the sexiest species on earth. When it comes to a conflict between science and someone else’s interpretation of the Bible, I choose science every time. The Church found it useful to associate sex with shame, but I don’t buy it. To paraphrase Deepak Chopra, “God invented spirituality, and Satan turned it into religion.”

I don’t believe sex exists solely for the purpose of procreation. On the contrary, it also exists to reinforce the bond of love between parents so they stay together long enough to raise their children to adulthood. Sex in the context of marriage or other committed relationships is a beautiful thing. And I feel no shame in writing novels about it.

A comedian once said that God wanted to make sex so enjoyable that people would call out His name. That sounds about right to me. I feel no cognitive dissonance about a Christian woman writing books that celebrate sexuality. Sex is a gift from God, and it’s time we gave God His due.