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Hot Gay Nights: Gay Romance


Cover of Hot Gay Nights: Gay Romance BundleHot men and happy endings dominate this six-book multi-author romance bundle! From long-time friends to new lovers, from first times to second chances, these swoon-worthy heroes will melt your heart and heat up your night.

This steamy gay romance bundle is on Amazon for a limited time, and available with Kindle Unlimited.

Decadent Desires: BDSM Romance


Decadent Desires 3D 600This bundle includes four scorching tales of domination and submission.

Regan’s Recovery: Regan is used to maintaining total control.  Dante is everything she could ask for, except he is definitely not submissive. Can she surrender for the sake of pleasure?

Commanding the Billionaire: Bernadette isn’t looking for love. Can billionaire Max, with his well-equipped dungeon, break through her steely exterior to find the soft heart that beats beneath?

Submitting to Him: Annette’s life changes forever when enigmatic billionaire Conrad chooses her to become his new ‘assistant’. She’s brought into a new world of dark pleasures and unimaginable luxury, betrayal, deceit, and adventure.

Bound Innocence: Emily attends an invitation-only beginner’s night at a local BDSM club. When she meets demanding Damian, will all her fantasies come to life, or do hidden dangers await?

This smoking-hot romance bundle is on Amazon for a limited time, and available with Kindle Unlimited.

Loving Jordan: The Complete Gay Romance Trilogy


Book cover of Loving Jordan featuring a gay couple at a mountain lakeAn Amazon #1 Bestseller in Bisexual Romance!

A painful longing…

Jordan knows his crush on Rick is hopeless. His football teammate and lifelong friend is straight. Now that they’re heading off to college in separate states, maybe Jordan can finally find a man who’ll return his feelings. He doesn’t know Rick’s secret: every time he’s with a girl, all he can think about is Jordan.

A shattering encounter…

Two weeks before they start their freshman year, the pair spend the weekend in a mountain cabin with a king-sized bed. Years of simmering desire hit the flash point, and Jordan can’t help falling in love with his best friend.

But Rick struggles to accept the truth. He’s afraid of his parents’ disappointment, and as time passes, he only retreats deeper into the closet.

A wrenching choice…

Jordan can’t stop loving Rick, but he won’t live a lie. His ultimatum—come out, or we’re through—traps Rick between his all-American golden-boy image and the man who could be his everything. Will he risk it all to win Jordan’s love?

This steamy gay romance trilogy from the Ache of Desire series is for a mature audience. It has an HEA and no cliffhanger.

Coastal College Players: The Complete Gay Romance Trilogy

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Bundle cover of Coastal College PlayersThree college couples find love in coastal North Carolina. This trilogy includes the following novellas:

  • Romeo and Julian
  • Hell and High Water
  • Kiss and Tell

This steamy gay romance bundle is for a mature audience. These books have an HEA and no cliffhanger.

Kiss and Tell, a Gay Romance Novella

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Book cover for Kiss and TellSometimes, the deepest truths go unspoken.

True hearts…
Tyler may be one of Coastal College’s top wrestlers, but he’s happy to be pinned to the mat by Lamar, the strongside linebacker on the football team. Ty wouldn’t have guessed that he’d enjoy submitting to another man, but giving himself to Lamar’s control brings him the peace of mind he needs. Though still in college, he wants to spend the rest of his life with Lamar.

Innocent secrets…
Lamar trusts Ty, but not Ty’s ex-girlfriend Cassie, who always adds an extra shake to her hips when Ty is around. When Ty fails to mention that he’s working with her on a class project, Lamar’s insecurities surface. The hateful words of his father, a fire-and-brimstone preacher, tell him he doesn’t deserve love and happiness.

Desperate fears…
With their final semester almost at a close, the breach between them puts their future in jeopardy. Can these two lovers regain their faith in each other—and themselves—before it’s too late?

This steamy gay romance novella, Book 3 in the Coastal College Players series, is intended for a mature audience. Inspired by the play Othello, it has an HEA and no cliffhanger.

Hell and High Water, a Gay Romance Novella

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Book cover of Hell and High WaterWhen opposites attract, unlikely friends become even more unlikely lovers.

He’s smitten…
Danny Perez can’t keep his eyes off Kade Gorecki. With his long, lean, muscular build, stunning green eyes, and all-American smile, the star basketball player is simply gorgeous.

Unfortunately, Kade’s also straight, and his politically incorrect humor makes Danny wince one too many times. He offers to help Kade out in the manners department—and the fact that it lets them spend more time together is a bonus.

He’s confused…
Kade doesn’t mean to offend. He tries to say the right thing, but it comes out wrong—as though he’s caught in a game where no one will tell him the rules. He’s thrilled when Danny offers to mentor him.

But he can’t help noticing the beauty in Danny’s high cheekbones and deep-set dark eyes. If Kade is straight, then why does Danny tie his stomach in knots like a pretty girl does?

In the eye of the storm…
As their friendship becomes something more, Danny wonders if his heart is safe. Kade’s conservative Southern background doesn’t make it easy for him to embrace a more fluid sense of his own sexuality.

While they’re hunkered down together during a hurricane, a misunderstanding blows up into something much more serious. Now Kade’s missing, and Danny’s frantic. Will they—and their relationship—survive in one piece?

This steamy gay romance novella, Book 2 in the Coastal College Players series, is for a mature audience. It has an HEA and no cliffhanger.

Romeo and Julian, a Gay Romance Novella


Book cover of Romeo and JulianFate brought them together. Family could tear them apart. 

Love at first sight…

Nick Romeo’s first glimpse of Julian Capelle sends him tumbling into unquenchable passion. He doesn’t think he’s good enough for Julian…but the other man’s blue eyes and angelic smile are too gorgeous to resist.

A courtship in the limelight…
Julian is just as captivated by Nick’s dark good looks and smoldering gaze. When the young lovers are cast as the leads in an all-male production of Romeo and Juliet, it amplifies the electric desire between them.

With trouble waiting in the wings…
Julian’s older brother, Ty, is part of a long-standing feud that turns him against Nick. When his parents side with Ty, Julian is torn between his family and the man he loves. Can he and Nick find a way to be together, or will the problems of the past destroy their future?

This steamy gay romance novella, Book 1 in the Coastal College Players series, is for a mature audience. It has an HEA and no cliffhanger.