Snow-Melting Kisses

M/M Friends to Lovers, Bi-Awakening Romance

Available from Amazon in Kindle Unlimited!

Friendship turns to attraction in this scorching bi-awakening romance…

Lord and MasterGraphic designer Jayden has been in love with Nate, his straight best friend, for half his life. Because of his conservative background, Jayden is deep in the closet, immersing himself in work to fill the empty place where romance should be.

Game producer Nate applies his gifts for project management to organizing volunteer activities on the weekends. He’d like to find someone special to spend his life with, but his relationships with women never seem to work out.

When Jayden blurts out the truth about his orientation, Nate is shocked but supportive. He even goes to a gay bar as his best friend’s wingman. But after kissing Jayden in a fit of jealousy, Nate realizes he might not be as straight as he thought he was.⁠ ⁠

Tentative exploration quickly leads to a torrid affair. But what happens when the town’s biggest gossip outs them? Can their friendship survive the strain?

This steamy gay romance novel has a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

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