Snow-Melting Kisses

M/M Friends to Lovers, Bi-Awakening Romance

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Snow Melting Kisses cover

Friendship turns to attraction in this grumpy/sunshine gay romance…

Why Jayden’s life sucks:

  1. He’s deep in the closet.
  2. He’s in love with his straight best friend Nate.
  3. Nate keeps trying to set him up with women.

It’s understandable that Jayden gets sick of the setup schemes and blurts out that he’s gay. Right?

Except now, Nate is trying to set him up with men. Updating Jayden’s online dating profile. Going with him to a gay bar. Kissing him at a gay bar.

Wait. What?

This steamy gay romance novel is for a mature audience. It has a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

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